Black Market

What is the Black Market?

The Black Market is a location at spawn where auctions for old crate items occur. When a Black Market auction ends, the player who had bid the highest amount of money will get the item.

What items are auctioned?

The items auctioned are the more unique items from old seasonal crates. For every auction, the server randomly selects one from a list we've created.

Types of items auctioned

  • Old Seasonal Crate Keys
  • Old Seasonal Crate Armor
  • Old Seasonal Crate Weapons
  • Old Seasonal Crate Tools
  • Old Seasonal Novelty Items
  • Spawners
  • Tag Vouchers
  • Wings Vouchers
  • Morph Vouchers
  • Trail Vouchers
  • Bow Trail Vouchers

When do the auctions occur?

Every day, there will be three auctions that last 6 hours each.

Daily start and end times

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Start Time
End Time
Black Market auctions may not always end at the scheduled end time due to the Anti-Snipe feature.

What is the Anti-Snipe feature?

If a player bids within 1 minute of a Black Market auction end, the server extends the auction by 5 minutes. Multiple Anti-Snipe extensions can occur for a single auction. Extensions will continue to happen until nobody bids during the Anti-Snipe period, or the next scheduled auction begins.
The Anti-Snipe feature exists to discourage last-second bids from being placed to guarantee a win. We believe this helps keep things fair. If someone would be willing to bid more than the last bid, it gives them a chance to do so without the clock running out.

How many items are auctioned?

Monday through Friday, each auction has 1 item. On Saturdays and Sundays, each auction allows players to bid on 3 separate items.

What are the starting bid and bid increments?

Currently, for each item, the starting bid is 15k, and the bid increment is 1k. In the future, we may adjust these values and/or set them individually for each item.

What are some useful Black Market commands?

/bm claim
Allows players to claim the items they won from an auction if they had a full inventory or were offline when they won
/bm next
Displays the amount of time until the next auction begins
/bm toggle
Toggles the Black Market interval notifications